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The Digital Scholarship Lab’s web publishing & hosting support service is available for students, faculty and staff to develop digital projects, scholarship, and textbooks. Examples include interactive websites, public-facing student writing, open-access scholarly publications, and open education resources. Some featured web publishing applications we can install & host are described below. The Lab can provide consultation and instruction for the applications we're hosting. And of course, the Lab always offers consultation for a wide variety of digital scholarship and web technologies.

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Featured Applications


Scalar is a web publishing platform designed for developing long-form, born-digital scholarship. It allows authors to collect media from multiple sources and juxtapose them with their own writing via a clear browser-based admin interface. It provides simple tools to structure essay- and book-length projects in nested, recursive, and non-linear digital formats. It also supports collaborative authoring and reader commentary. Faculty and students on campus are using it to develop digital critical editions.


WordPress is the publishing platform of choice for over 43% of all sites across the web. Its browser-based admin interface is simply and easy-to-use, and thousands of plugins make the open source software highly flexible. People can use it to easily develop many different types of websites, from classic blogs and photoblogs to web magazines and online communities. Many are using it on campus to develop course blogs and collaborative web publications.


Omeka is a web publishing platform for developing digital cultural heritage collections together with original online resources. It can be used to create relationships between and among individual resources via powerful metadata vocabularies. It can also be used to design, build and publish sites to share and contextualize collections, including web pages, exhibits and digital stories. It is being used on campus to develop digital collections of image, video and audio resources.

Google Sites

Google Sites is a streamlined publishing platform for creating and publishing small team, project and event sites. People can use it to easily collaborate with others to build and refine their site, like other Google applications. Some on campus are using it to develop team sites to organize collaborative research projects. Anybody with a Google account can use Google Sites. For users interested in collaborating with us, we can establish a subdomain for you and connect it to your site, so you have a simplified URL.

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